Nano Inventory App Reviews

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Just ok

Big learning curve. Maybe alright for someone theat wet to college to learn how to use apps like this but no where near as easy to use as it could be. Guess I’ll go back to spreadsheets I don’t want to take a day to figure out how to add vendors, categories and all that so I can add items. There should be a way to add all that stuff from the add items window, that’s how I write programs anyway.

I’m impressed

I was looking for a simple data entry inventory system and this software fit the bill perfectly. It allowed me to enter my products and keep track of the cost vs the retail price, plus the vendor I purchased it from, and who I sold it to. And when I had a question about how to delete the demo products, the developer replied quickly with very clear instructions. I ahve spent hundereds of dollars in the past on software that basically did the same thing. Very worth the $10.

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